Lying Bastards Refugees Switzerland

Switzerland: Migrants ‘refugees/asylum seekers’ using taxpayers as ATM for home country visits……


Somalis in Finland have been doing this for decades, and none of the big political parties have done anything about it.

How can you be a valid refugee/asylum seeker if you keep going back and forth from the country from which you fled to the country you ‘escaped’ to? Common sense dictates that they’re bona fide frauds in need of rescinding their residencies once they leave the country.

Migrants on benefits in Switzerland ‘use money to travel back to nations they’re fleeing’

ERITREAN migrants claiming asylum in Switzerland are using their welfare benefits to travel back to the danger zones they have previously fled to take a holiday.

Migrant crisis


A shocking investigation has revealed many asylum seekers are returning to their homeland, despite claiming their lives would be “threatened” if they were forced to return home.

Four out of five Eritreans in Switzerland are claiming state benefits.

The revelation reinforces the growing problem caused by the fact refugees are allowed to leave the country for 21 days a year, but are not obliged to say where they are going.

The investigation, carried out by Swiss-German newspaper BaZ, revealed how dozens of Eritrean families arrived at Zurich-Kloten airport to travel home.

Many have travel vouchers as refugees or as temporary residents, who can stay in Switzerland despite a rejected asylum application.

However, their trip does not lead directly to Eritrea because such flights are not available from Zurich, but to Istanbul.

From there, they travel to the Sudanese capital Khartoum or to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, according to boarding cards seen by BaZ.

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