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Raymond Ibrahim: an old Muslim view: Christian God loves sex, drugs and Rock-n-Roll……



It’s how they keep the Muslim masses duped and in chains…….


An old Muslim view.

In keeping with ongoing revelations of just how immoral some Muslims view Christianity—to one cleric, Christian church worship is worse than murder and bloodshed—here is another Muslim cleric that appeared on an Arabic language television program claiming that the Christian God “loves”—and thus demands that his followers loves and practice—immoral behavior.  This is precisely why, argued the sheikh, that Europe is so sexually loose.
After the more sane-looking host pointed out that in Christianity, fornication and adultery are sins, and that secular Europe’s liberal attitude toward sex is not reflective of Christian truths, the sheikh loudly protested:
No, fornication and adultery are not forbidden in Christianity.  You see, God is love for them.  This is one of their false teachings.   The foundation for Christianity is that God is love.  So what does “God is love” mean?  It means that God loves everything.  And why does God love everything?  Because God is the source of everything.  This means God is the creator of fornication and adultery.  So who makes you commit fornication and adultery? God.   Thus “God is love” means that God loves everything he created, and therefore we are obligated to love it too…. God is the one who created fornication and adultery; he is the one who created alcohol—so who are we to hate things that God created?  God is love and so we are to love everything he created.


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