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Germany: Syrian Muslim settler who used kebab knife on murdered woman says he’s a minor now…….


They all do when they get nicked…..

What’s also a true is that the woman in question wouldn’t have been brutally butchered if the POS was not let into the country in the first place.

Syrian migrant accused of butchering woman with kebab knife in rampage says he’s a MINOR

A SYRIAN migrant accused of hacking a woman to death with a kebab knife in the midst of a bloody rampage is claiming to be a juvenile – despite his parents saying he is already 21.


Mohamad H faces one charge of murder, one of attempted murder and five counts of previous bodily harm after he allegedly carried out a frenzied attack which left a woman dead in the German town of Reutlingen.

The barbaric attack only ended when someone hit Mohamad with their car.

He is accused of butchering 45-year-old Polish national Jolanta K, who worked in the kebab shop alongside Mohamad.

It is claimed she repeatedly rebuffed his sexual advances, with other employees labelling him “weird”.

At the opening day of his trial, the accused is claiming the birthdate on his passport is wrong, saying he was born in mid-November 1995, not January 1 like his documents say.

That would make him 20-years-old at the time of the horrific killing last July, a juvenile in the eyes of German law.

The emphasis is on rehabilitation rather than punishment for minors, and sees them receive preferential treatment.


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