Germany: €300m in language courses wasted as Syrian Muslim settlers fail to show up…….


When it’s all said and done, the amount of money, human resources, financial and economic dislocation caused by the fraud ‘humanitarians’ is going to be astronomical.

What a waste of money: Germany funds refugee language courses but Syrians DON’T attend

GERMANY stands accused of wasting €300m on language courses for refugees who did not attend or even want to learn.

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The government’s own figures reveal less than half the German language course’s participants finished the programme.

A Syrian refugee exposed the apathy some asylum seekers feel towards the expensive German language course, designed to get them into full time employment so they can contribute to their new country’s economy.

Jab Wanzat, who did complete the course and is now looking for a job, said: “I think refugees have to learn German. I do this German course because it helps.

“Because in Germany, or in any country, you go to look for work.

“You have to learn their language. And I came to Germany so I have to learn their language.

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