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Austria: Leading Islamic expert admits Islam as is (post-Hijra 101) not sustainable…….


It never was and never will be…

And he has to know well about the koranic doctrine of abrogation, in which prior peaceful-like (Meccan) verses are superseded by the violent and intolerant (Medinan) ones. So this is bound for failure, for he’s cannot take on the koranic doctrine of abrogation nor post-hijra portion of the koran without being labelled as an apostate and marked for death.

He speaks of the Enlightenment being the basis for critical thinking, but it’s the Enlightenment that Muslims can look to in seeing what will befall their ideology if critical thinking and social development are allowed to form. They’ll reject it.

Austrian expert says Islam is unsustainable in its current form

Austrian expert says Islam is unsustainable in its current form

A leading professor and expert on Islam has warned that the religion is “not sustainable” in its current form and called for more critical thinking.

Ednan Aslan, 57, a professor for Islamic religious education at the University of Vienna in Austria and a frequent guest on German-language TV shows, said that in Islam too little is being questioned and too much simply taken for granted.

He warned: “Islam, as it is now, is not sustainable,” and said he wanted to “reshape the face” of his religion.

Aslan said that Islam is “out of touch with the present” in the way it is currently taught.

The Islamic expert is currently developing a curriculum for a new “Islamic Theology” course, in which he said he does not want to “inhale and breathe Islamic doctrine, but to question it”.


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