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Norway: Hairdresser fined for refusing client wearing symbol of Islamic supremacism and intolerance……


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Sharia adhering Muslims belong to a political party called Islam.

Hairdresser convicted for refusing to serve hijab-wearing woman appeals case to high court

A HAIRDRESSER who was convicted of discrimination after throwing a Muslim woman out of her salon appealed the ruling to the high court.


Merete Hodne was initially given an £800 fine by police in October, 2015 after she refused to serve Malika Bayan in her establishment in Bryne, south-west Norway, because she was wearing a hijab.

However as the 47-year-old businessman, who said she was fully within her rights to not colour Ms Bayan’s, refused to pay the fine she was taken to court.

The case has already been heard twice, as Mswhich initially found she had discriminated against the 24-year-old.

Contesting the ruling, the hairdresser claimed the court was unduly influenced by her previous membership of an anti-Islamic organisation.


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