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Washington: Limo trashed and burned by thugs belonging to Muslim, stiffed with $87,000 bill…….


The violent Left doing what it normally does……

Limo torched in anti-Trump protests belonged to Muslim immigrant who faces £80,000 bill

THE limousine belonging to a Muslim immigrant that was torched by reckless protestors during Donald Trump’s inauguration could cost up to £80,000 ($100,000) to replace.

Limo protests


Muhammad Ashraf, owner of the Nationwide Chauffeured Services, has spoken to insurance companies about replacing his burnt limo but it remains unclear whether insurance companies will fork out to cover the cost of the damage.

Mr Ashraf, who moved to the US from Pakistan more than 30 years ago and has owned his limousine business for 25 years, estimated he face a bill anywhere between £31,900-£80,000 ($40,000-$100,000) if insurance companies decide not to pay out.

Yet even if his insurance firm does pay out, Mr Ashraf still expects to pay between £23,900-£31,900 ($30,000-$40,000).

The businessman told Express.co.uk the torching of his limo could have been prevented if police had allowed him to tow it away after it had initially been vandalised.

His driver, Luis Villarroel, was injured in a scuffle with protestors and received medical attention for his minor injuries but was extremely shaken by the incident. He informed his boss, Mr Ashraf, that the limousine was damaged by protestors.


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