Ruins from Syria’s Palmyra ruins on sale in Denmark…….

The disaster that has befallen our ancient historical heritage continues…….

Looted Syrian antiquities for sale in Denmark: police

Danish police are investigating the attempted sale of looted Syrian antiquities within Denmark, North Zealand Police told broadcaster DR on Tuesday.


North Zealand Police has obtained photos allegedly showing ancient relics that have been shopped around on the Danish market. Among the items is a Koran that is being sold as one of the original copies of the Islamic holy book, but which experts believe is a fake.

Also allegedly being offered for purchase in Denmark are a set of medicine bottles dating as far back as the 1700s that could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market.

“The items are very valuable and if they are authentic, they are clearly items of cultural heritage,” Nibal Muhesen, a professor at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, told DR.

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