Islamic (nazi) State making inroads into the Egyptian heartland…….


Whack-a-mole counter-jihad……

Not only do they have to contend with the Islamonazis (MB and like ilk), they have to fend off these other 7th century inbreds.

Islamic State extending attacks beyond Sinai to Egyptian heartland

By Ali Abdelaty and Ahmed Aboulenein | CAIRO

“Wanted” was emblazoned across photographs posted online by Islamic State.

Files bearing Islamic State logo showed faces of Egyptian military and police officers, alongside names, addresses, and ranks, urging followers to hunt them down and kill them.

All the men listed were not domiciled in Sinai, the thinly populated and rugged peninsula bordering Israel and Gaza where the Sunni militant group has been waging an insurgency for more than three years; they were from elsewhere in Egypt.

The files were posted on Telegram, an encrypted instant messaging system used by IS to communicate with its followers.

Coupled with the group’s highest profile attack outside Sinai, the bombing of Cairo’s Coptic Christian cathedral in December which killed 28, the online campaign shows that the group has extended operations to the rest of Egypt, a key U.S. ally seen as a bulwark against Islamist militancy in the region.

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