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Finland: ‘A poll’ says Finns are now more open to ‘undocumented migrants’…….

This is pure bull crap, bank on it.

One way to spot it straight away is the use of the term of ‘undocumented migrant’. They’re illegal aliens if they enter the country on false premises to stay in the country without a visa, or continue to stay in the country after it expires or receive a negative result on their refugee/asylum status.


Poll shows support for undocumented migrants

Finland’s bureaucracy has historically made it very difficult to exist in the country without the correct documentation. Undocumented migrants have been few in number, historically speaking, but in recent years the group has grown and now it’s expected to increase exponentially as more and more asylum seekers get negative decisions.

It’s a big political issue, and will likely become bigger. Undocumented migrants have difficulty accessing housing, healthcare and are at risk of exploitation through employment in the black market. So the question of whether they should get medical services from municipalities is a vital one, and on Wednesday Helsingin Sanomat runs a poll of residents of the capital city region asking exactly that question.

It found that there is majority support for medical services for children and pregnant women, but 33 percent of people would refuse treatment for all undocumented migrants. 29 percent of respondents said they’d treat everyone, while 28 percent said that children and pregnant women in the country without papers should get healthcare. Some ten percent of those answering the survey did not say one way or the other.

When divided by party support, the poll found that Finns Party voters were most likely to oppose treating those without a residence permit, while those supporting the Green Party were most positive about the idea.


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