Islam in Austria Islamic Child Abuse

Austria: 12 year old boy part of suspected Islamonazi cell…….

COBRA armed police were involved in the raids. Photo: BMI/Gregor Wenda



They start them young…..

’12-year-old boy’ part of Austrian Islamic extremist cell

A young boy under the age of 14 has been identified as part of a suspected Islamic extremist network in Vienna, Austrian authorities have said.

He has not been arrested as he is not old enough to be tried in court but he has been detained and is being questioned. The Krone newspaper reports that the boy is just 12 years old, although police would not confirm his exact age.

Investigations into a 17-year-old terror suspect who was arrested in Vienna on Friday are continuing – but at a press conference on Monday police would not give any concrete details of what they have discovered so far. They did say that the young boy involved had been radicalised by a “hate preacher” and was in close contact with the 17-year-old.


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