UK: Loophole allows anyone on Eurostar train to get into Britain without passports…….


Close it up, and quickly……

Terrorists’ fast train to Britain: Mail exposes security loophole that allows ANYONE to get to the UK on Eurostar without a passport

Terrorists and criminals can travel to Britain on the Eurostar without any form of identification for as little as £2.60 by taking advantage of a loophole from the Schengen Agreement, it has been revealed.

The shocking loophole takes advantage of the open-borders Schengen Agreement that allows people to travel across Europe without showing a passport. Britain is not part of the agreement and travellers are expected to show passports when they board the Eurostar to come here.

But the loophole allows passengers to board the Eurostar without identification in Brussels with a ticket to the French city of Lille – and to simply remain on the train when it heads to London.

Pictured is reporter Glenn Keogh, who boarded the train in Brussels (left) and was able to stay on at Lille (right), before arriving in London (inset) without any passport checks.

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