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Former Finnish president Ahtisaari’s CMI hides contacting/meeting with Hamas reps on own website highlighting ‘Palestinian reconciliation’……


They’re omitting it because they know they’re acting against UNSCR 1373 and EU directive that forbids EU members from contacting/being in contact with the terror group.

Building bridges between Palestinians

Published on Tuesday, 29 November 2016

CMI and its Palestinian partner Masarat brought together different Palestinian communities to discuss how they create opportunities for ordinary Palestinians to be involved in reconciliation.


Meeting doesn’t end in meeting room. The best discussions often take place during a break.

Read CMI’s article here.

The ‘partner’ mentioned in CMI’s article, Masarat, was mentioned in the initial Basler Zeitung piece reporting (Kirkko ja Kaupunki and the JPOST) on the event arranged by the Swiss government and former president of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari.

The meeting, which was co-financed by Switzerland, had taken place on the initiative of Masarat, the Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies. Masarat is headed by the journalist Hani al-Masri, who was known in his youth as a supporter of the terrorist organization, the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is also listed by the US and the EU as a terrorist organization. The PFLP had made headlines with numerous acts of violence, including 1970 on the Swissair flight 330, which was brought down with a bomb.

The fact that Ahtisaari’s CMI makes no mention whatsoever of their and the Masarat group’s involvement with Hamas in their website piece about ‘Palestinian reconciliation‘, only goes to further underline the fact that they knew what they were doing was illegal. No matter how they try to spin it otherwise.

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