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Denmark: six Iranian nationals arrested for breaking into the grounds of the Islamonazi Iranian regime’s embassy compound……

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gives a press conference in Tehran on Jaunary 17, 2017, to mark the first anniversary of the implementation of a historic nuclear deal. Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP/Scanpix


They need to hold continued vigils around the embassy for the victims of Iranian atrocities, at home and abroad.

Six held after protest in Iran embassy grounds in Denmark

Six Iranian nationals were arrested in Copenhagen on Thursday after they broke into the grounds of Iran’s embassy to protest against the regime, Danish police said.
“Six Iranian citizens climbed the fence around the embassy in Copenhagen on Thursday morning, entering the garden and putting up banners and posters protesting against the Iranian regime,” Copenhagen police superintendent Henrik Stormer told AFP.
“They also pulled the wire on the flagpole and the flag came down.”
Four of the Iranians were asylum seekers in Sweden, while the other two held residency permits in Sweden.

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