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Brit hero marries woman he shielded from Jihadi’s bullets……


A Hero’s ending…..

“I love you, babe, tell the kids I love them. But go now because they need one of us to look after them – and I’m going to die,” Mr James said he told his fiancée.

Man who shielded his fiancee from bullets on Tunisia beach marries her

A British man who was hit with three rounds of bullets shielding his fiancée from the 2015 terror attack on a Tunisia beach has finally married her.

Saera Wilson and Mathew James tied the knot in Cardiff in front of family and friends 18 months after Islamic State gunman Seifeddine Rezgui slaughtered 38 people in the horrific attack, the Mirror reports.

The brave couple released two white doves as a symbol of peace and defiantly signed their register as La Roux’s song ‘Bulletproof’ played in the background.

“This is a new chapter. Everyone says they’re marrying their best friend on their wedding day, which is true. But I’m also marrying my absolute hero,” Ms Wilson told the Mirror.

Mr James, a 32-year-old boiler fitter, was hit with multiple bullets by the crazed gunman Rezgui and begged his wife to go on without him as he was bleeding from his wounds.
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