Fox News: “Worst of the worst kept Obama from closing GITMO”……


But it wasn’t from a lack of trying…..

Whoever enters its gates, the jihadis should never be released.

‘Worst of the worst’ blocked Obama from keeping promise to close Gitmo

President Obama’s famous pledge to close the Pentagon’s Guantanamo Bay detention facility was ultimately done in by the very evil of the men it houses.

While hundreds of enemy combatants and terror suspects have been through the facility since the war on terror began – with many returning to the fight – the most hardcore Al Qaeda operatives ever captured remain there. They are too dangerous to set free, and no one else wants them.

During its peak, Gitmo held some 778 suspected Al Qaeda operatives. Obama acclerated the policy of his predecessor, President Bush, to free those deemed to no longer be a risk. Within the last week, another 14 were released from the facility, and turned over to other countries willing to hold them.

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