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Sweden’s Katerina Janouch on Finland’s YLE: ‘no-go zones’ exist, we need legislation for right to bear arms…….


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Katerina Janouch – Sweden’s most controversial person?

Katerina Janouch at the Gothenburg Book Fair 2016. Photo: Patrik Österberg C / IBL

– I gave my image of Sweden today, and I do not regret anything. Says the author, Katerina Janouch, who has become Sweden’s most controversial person after an interview on Czech web TV.

In the interview, she said, among other things, that there are regions in Sweden where the police do not want to go, and that she thinks that the bill for civilians to defend themselves with weapons is interesting. She said that she learned to shoot and that she no longer feels safe in Sweden.

She said many other things, but it is these negative images of an insecure Sweden, where law and order is on the ropes, which arouses emotions.

There must be a balance– Katerina Janouch

– I believe that multiculturalism is good, I also emphasized that in the Czech interview. But there must be a balance between people in society. It will not be good if we do not take care of those who come here in a sensible way, says Janouch, and believes that Sweden’s immigration policy has at times been directly irresponsible.

A Swedish tiger

Reactions to Janouch statements were not long in coming. Columnists, journalists and politicians have written debate as pens glowed and even the prime minister spoke the other day. Stefan Löfven in the Aftonbladet called Janouch’s statement “very strange” and said that in the world there is a strong belief in the Nordic welfare model.

In protest, a bookstore has removed Katerina Janouch’s books from the shelves, and publishers has distanced themselves from the author’s statements.

Katerina Janouch herself says that the debate that arose is a perfect example of the saying, “A Swedish Tiger”.

– When there are problems that you do not like so silence it and hope it goes away. But I do not. Nothing is lost by not letting on. Until the check is in the light, I say! To solve a problem, one must first identify the problem and have the courage to look at it soberly.

It is not good that women change their behavior– Katerina Janouch

What is it that, according Janouch, is wrong in Sweden?

Janouch refers to recent research which shows that every third woman in Sweden feels insecure. That women change their behavior, for example, they do not go out on the town in the same way anymore.

– It’s no good if women can not live the life that they want. It is not good for immigrant women either! There is such a huge honor repression in Sweden, we remain silent about it, says Janouch. There are both men and women victims, both girls and boys are governed by rules that are contrary to democracy and a secular society.

If you do not like the clique you risk being ostracized.– Katerina Janouch

And she adds that the fear of calling attention to obvious problems led to the growth of distrust in the media.

– People feel that the media is not telling the truth, claims Katerina, and says that people are getting tired of the politically doctored. She herself is far from being politically correct.

– If you do not like the “clique” we risk being ostracized. Then slurs man and may lose their work. Nobody wants to be that person that people look askance at. There is a social stigma and nobody wants to encounter it. But I totally do not care about it, says Katerina Janouch.

Restore law and order

How would she make Sweden better?

– We need to restore law and order. We need to integrate people better, and we must get women integrated. Now there are many immigrant women at home and to learn even language, she says, adding that the long waiting times for asylum decisions are directly harmful to society.

– If you take in a lot of people, it is irresponsible not to take care of them. To have people sitting in limbo waiting for a decision month after month, but they have something sensible to do on the days down to social problems. Do we want an inclusive society, we must ensure that everyone receives help, and fast. Everything else is the direct human-hostile.

In Note debate author Katerina Janouch, Professor Henrik Meinander, peace researcher Tarja Cronberg and political scientist Robert Eklund. See the full episode!

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  1. she is not actually swedish, she is in fact a czech…. this whole thing started with her inetrwiew on a czech tv where she described what sweden looks like these days….
    libtards in czech are up in arms over her….

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