France: Calais jungle returns, more dangerous than ever…….

Like a bad penny…..

Calais Jungle RETURNS: Officials say it’s LAWLESS AND DANGEROUS and deem it a ‘NO-GO ZONE’

THE FORMER ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais has been closed to the public for ‘health and safety reasons’.


Local officials issued a decree on Monday in a bid to stop wanderers – notably returning and newly arrived UK-bound immigrants – from accessing the former tent camp.

The decree, which is valid until the end of 2017, concerns the former shanty town’s north and south zone: the south zone belongs to the state, but the north zone belongs to the coastal conservatory.

Calais chiefs said that what used to be known as the ‘Jungle’ had been closed to the public because the wasteland had become “unsafe and insalubrious”.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office said: “There are not enough police officers to protect the area. It is a lawless and dangerous place.

“What’s more, the site is littered with hazardous waste, including rusting metal cans, broken glass and bits of barbed wire.”

The notorious ‘Jungle’ camp – long considered a magnet for UK-bound migrants due to its close proximity to the Franco-British border – was razed to the ground in October and its more than 7,000 residents, a mixed bag of refugees and illegals, were rehoused in reception centres dotted across France.


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