UK: BREXIT campaigning Tory MP says EU will want into Britain’s ‘very lucrative’ market……


The EU needs the UK more than latter needs the former…..

Especially after more EU member states bolt for the barn door, they’ll need all the advice that they can get, and open markets to the UK’s burgeoning economy.

Tory MP predicts EU will want to ‘help themselves’ to Britain’s ‘VERY lucrative’ market

LEADING Leave campaigner John Redwood has said the EU could end up wanting to “help themselves” by maintaining links with the UK’s “very lucrative” market.


The Tory MP praised ’s speech and said it was inevitable that Britain would leave the single market.

But he also said it was in the ’s interest to give the UK a preferential deal once Article 50 is triggered, by the end of March.

He said: “I don’t think the EU wants to help Britain, but I think they may end up wanting to help themselves.

“The best way to help themselves is to see that the Prime Minister has made an extremely generous offer, that we are very positive – we’re not turning our backs on Europe but we are offering ourselves as an independent country to the whole of the rest of the world for more progressive developments of trade and friendship.


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