LA Leftists gather to dance with the devil, bloodletting, destruction rituals…….


Sounds like the meeting of the DNC……

I call them Leftists because I can state emphatically that the overwhelming majority of them would never bother to vote for a Republican, and anyone who states otherwise will be met with the rolling of my eyes.

Dancing with the devil: Inside the Los Angeles Satanic Temple’s biggest EVER ‘black mass’ with blood-letting, demonic cats, tattoos… and ‘destruction rituals’

The Los Angeles Satanic Temple, one of 24 chapters across the United States, threw a six-hour rally Saturday night, including three rituals and a 45-minute lecture on demonic cats.

The event doubled as a fundraiser for the chapter’s causes, with include women’s reproductive rights, the First Amendment and prisoner’s rights. The Satanic Temple, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, calls itself an organized religion.

Members do not believe in a personal Satan but say they preach rationalism and reject superstition. Saturday’s evening included a destruction ritual, an invocation ritual and a bloodletting ritual, all with live music and performances (center).

Many attendees showed up in Sanatic-themed outfits (upper left and bottom left). Some got tattoos inside the venue (upper right) and others rocked to the music while flashing the sign of the horns (bottom right).


More here.

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