Islam in France ISLAMIC STATE

France: Security forces warn on 700-strong Islamic (nazi) State army planning imminent return to Europe…….


All of which was forewarned long ago……

French security services warn 700-strong ISIS jihadi army is planning ‘IMMINENT return’

FRENCH security services have warned 700 French citizens who have pledged an allegiance to the Islamic State are set to return to the country imminently.

France is preparing for the arrival of a jihadi army

At least 250 trained fighters are part of the army of jihadis who are plotting to go back to their homeland from Syria and Iraq.

The “fighters” described as “executioners, gravediggers, suicide bombers and jailers” could be back in mainland Europe in the coming weeks.

Top level meetings are being planned by senior Government officials over fears the ISIS operatives could unleash more terror in France which is still in a state of emergency.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is set to host talks next Thursday over the concerns, it has been claimed.

According to the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security as many as 460 of those believed to have fled to Iraq and Syria were born in France or have French parents.

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