Islam in Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Smuggling Refugees

Seven people go on trial for smuggling Muslim settlers into Finland…….


I hope for convictions and the maximum in jail sentencing, but even then the sentence will be too light…..

Seven go on trial for people smuggling

Seven men, all foreign nationals, go on trial in Oulu District Court on Monday for their roles in an international human smuggling operation that illegally brought Iraqis to Finland, via Turkey and Greece.

Oulun poliisi- ja oikeustalo ja sen pysäköintialue.

The seven are all being tried on charges of aggravated facilitation of illegal entry into Finland stemming from alleged human smuggling operations in the autumn of 2015. Two are also charged with aggravated fraud.

All of the accused have denied the charges.

According to prosecutors, the accused belonged to an international criminal group and illegally organised travel and entry for several Iraqis to Finland, via Turkey and Greece.

A verdict in the case is expected in six weeks.


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