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Trump needs to help the moderate nationalist voices, now, in the same way Truman did with moderate SDP during the Cold War. The other side of coin however is, by not being able to confront socialism (only communism was addressed), the US has allowed statist socialism to metastasize, which ended up corrupting and ruining the nation states of Europe.

So there must be a two pronged approach to aiding these various nationalist movements that are receiving Russian aid, bettering the aid offered by the Russkies, as well as strengthening the ideals of individual liberty, free market enterprise and real representative (small d) democracy. The mistakes of the Cold War shouldn’t be repeated, just the victories.

It shows no sign of stopping either, despite President-elect Trump’s fawning over the Kremlin on social media. Once in office, he will learn all the ways that Moscow clandestinely works to harm the West, and it is to be hoped that Trump takes appropriate action. Himself a figure of the anti-globalist right, Donald Trump may be just the man to turn to the political tables on the Kremlin. The entire West should hope he does, soon.

NOTE: Anti-globalism means, being against those international institutions that seek to usurp and to supersede (and at great measure already have) the elected representative governments of national parliaments and congresses.

The West Must Prevent Cold War 2.0

If we don’t resist Russian political warfare, very soon, Putin will win

US President-elect Donald Trump speaks to reporters between meetings December 28, 2016 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. / AFP / DON EMMERT

US President-elect Donald Trump. Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

It was a year of profound, indeed systemic crisis. Across the West, friends of the Kremlin were surging in democratic elections, playing on legitimate fears of voters about economic anxiety and societal erosion. Moscow’s agents infiltrated Western politics at all levels, corrupting media and public discourse, while several European countries were poised to fall to parties overtly under Kremlin control—via the ballot box, not a coup. For Westerners who treasured freedom, it was all a nightmare coming true.

The year was 1947.

It’s important to note that while 2016, the year ending today, has been a dreadful one for Westerners who treasure freedom, with Vladimir Putin’s minions clandestinely subverting our politics, even in the United States, we’ve been here before. Indeed, we’ve been through much worse not all that long ago.

Moreover, the political threat currently emanating from Moscow is nothing new. Indeed, the parallels with the conditions the West faced at the dawn of the last Cold War are astonishing and ought to be recalled as Westerners ponder how to get it right in 2017—which may be the last chance to prevent the complete collapse of the American-led global order which, for all its faults, has worked well at preventing all-out global war for more than 70 years.


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