Finnish president worried about Trump’s overtures to Russia and saber rattling with China…….


So let me get this straight, (and I do agree with him about Crimea and Ukraine) he’s upset that Trump is making nice with Russia which might allow the latter to solidify his illegal hold on land not his, while he’s also nervous over ‘saber-rattling’ with China which might eventually loosen their illegal grip on massive areas of ocean holding strategic shipping lanes that not theirs. Yeah, that pretty much shows his cognitive dissonance.

Finnish President mulls changing political landscape as Trump prepares to take office

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö says US President-elect Donald Trump is being purposely ambiguous about his foreign policy ambitions, but finds recent sabre-rattling between the Trump team and China, and Trump’s offer to drop Russian sanctions concerning. Niinistö also mentions that he has been very happy with how Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has handled international relations.

Sauli Niinistö

Sauli Niinistö Image: Tiina Jutila / YleSauli Niinistö, President of Finland, appeared on public broadcaster Yle’s morning talk show Saturday. Among other things, he discussed the changing political situation in the world.

For example, Niinistö says he is wary of putting too much stock behind US President-elect Donald Trump’s latest offer to roll back US sanctions against Russia. The day before, in the Wall Street Journal, Trump had suggested he would be open to lifting sanctions on Russia, if Moscow cooperates in the fight against terrorism.

Niinistö stated in the Yle interview that the sanctions were imposed because of Russia’s illegal actions in Crimea and Ukraine, not terrorism.

He said the “help” Trump called for should begin with Russia’s acceptance of the Minsk peace agreement, whereby all foreign armed formations will be withdrawn from Ukraine.

The Finnish President also expressed his concern about recent sabre-rattling between the US and China.

Trump intentionally hard to pinpoint

Niinistö stated that the foreign policy objectives of the Trump team have been very hard to work out, and he suspects this might be intentional.

“It seems that he has a real colourful way of expressing himself, and plenty of different hues to chose from,” said Niinistö.

“I doubt that he even meant to communicate clear policy initiatives, at least they certainly haven’t come across,” he said, in reference to the run-up to Trump being named US President.

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