Islamic State Jihadis in ‘friendly fire’ shoot up……


Now if we can only get them into regularly holding circular firing squads…..

Bungling ISIS jihadis SHOOT EACH OTHER after British forces obliterated Mosul camp

ISIS fighters turn on each other

IDIOTIC Islamic State jihadis started shooting at each other after becoming confusing during a tirade of lethal blasts from British forces in Mosul.


Shortly after British air forces used their lethal Reaper drone to blast a Daesh mortar team who were trying to hide themselves in a “wooded area”, reports confirm that one militant died after jihadis began to shoot at each other.

An RAF spokesman said: “The Reaper’s crew identified a Daesh mortar team trying to conceal their activity in a wooded area, and struck them with a Hellfire missile.

“A second Hellfire accounted for a group of terrorists close to an Iraqi unit. In the confusion of the street fighting, the Reaper observed Daesh firing on each other, with at least one fighter killed by their own side.”


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