Islam in the UK

UK: Police forced to sit through PC lessons on Islam to foster ‘respectful’ relations with Muslim communities…..


What they should be learning about is jihad as a threat doctrine within the framework of Post-Hijra Islam 101, as well as reading the koran in chronological order and with the understanding of koranic abrogation.

But they’ll be fed with Islamic dawa and other BS inspired taqiyya.

Police FORCED to take lessons on ISLAM to foster ‘respectful’ ties with Muslim communities

BRUSSELS police will be forced to take lessons on Islam to help foster “respectful relations with Muslims communities in the Belgian capital.

Police Islam teaching

Under the new initiative labelled “Conflict management or how to avoid difficulties when dealing with Muslims”, officers will undertake an eight-hour module examining the religion and study the history of immigration into Belgium from 1960 to the present.

Brussels authorities have added the new scheme on top of the existing COPPRA training, an EU funded project designed to equip officers on the ground to prevent and spot radicalisation.

Part of the training will involve role-playing activities and extra training to help officers spot radicalisation and jihadi brainwashing.

Brussels MP Annemie Maes said: “This training follows the request of the police force itself.

“Police believe that in a multicultural city, a basic knowledge of Islam is essential to a committed police force.

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