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She’s back! Hillary Clinton now warns about the rise of authoritarianism…….


That’s rich. Obama and HRC are responsible for creating the void that the Chi-coms and Ruskies are filling.

Also, the Democratic Party is no longer an American party, but an anti-American party which loathes the very constitution created to forestall authoritarianism. They are a BIG D democracy party like their socialist mentors in Europe. She also warns about illiberalism (a.k.a. anti-socialist/statism) . Crawl back into your hole, no one of worth and value are listening to you.

NOTE: It would be fun to follow how many paid speaking engagements she and her bulbous nosed pervert husband gets in the upcoming years.

SHE’S BACK! Defeated Clinton returns to Washington to warn of rising ‘authoritarianism’

HILLARY Clinton warned that “democracy, freedom and rule of law are under attack around the world” as she returned to Washington on Tuesday evening.

Clinton delivered a six-minute speech for the opening of the US Diplomacy Centre

The defeated presidential candidate returned to Washington for the opening of the US Diplomacy Centre, a museum space at the State Department which has a section named after her.

She raised concerns about “authoritarianism and illiberalism”, which remain huge threats across the world.

Clinton was joined by fellow former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell to inaugurate the glass pavilion that forms the entrance to the building.

She joked: “I’m thrilled to be here at the new Hilary Clinton Pavilion… I’m sure you will notice it is the most transparent part of the entire project”.


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