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Finland: Gay man on trial for expressing views / warning about Islam on Facebook…….


This is a gross miscarriage of justice, and the man will be found guilty, all of these cases in which Finns have voiced strong (factually correct) opinions on Islam have in fact been convicted.


This is all about shutting down debate, as well as warning society at large about the dangers Islam poses. Just think of a ludicrous situation in which Marxist Russians being imported into Finland during the 30’s and 40’s during WWII, and who promote their totalitarian ideology that calls for subversion of the state, and being protected by the state when locals warn others about them. This is total idiocy.


NOTE: One of the ‘offensive’ quotes from his FB page mentioned was this: “Islam must be rooted out of Finland” and “the less Muslims we have, the safer it is. There now has to be an automatic reversal in full swing, and at the same time get rid of Islam.”


UPDATE: Tearful closing statement by Finnish Gay politician on trial for warning about Islam: “How else can one write about Islam…….?”


The charges relate to Facebook postings Tynkkynen made about Muslims and Islam. Tynkkynen is suspected of threatening, slandering and insulting Muslims based on their religion. Tynkkynen himself has denied the charges and says his intention was political, and that he wanted to defend western values.

Sebastian Tynkkynen.

PS-youth party Sebastian Tynkkynen in court for anti-Islam writings

Wednesday 11.01.2017 at 07.52

Oulu District Court deals with Sebastian Tynkkynen today in Oulu for last summer’s anti-Islamic writings.


Prosecutor demands punishment for Tynkkynen for violation of and inciting subversion of religion against an ethnic group.


The charge relates to Tynkkynen’s July 2016 published writings on Facebook. According to the indictment served, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the True Finns Youth party Tynkkynen had published in July on three different days public writings on Facebook, where he threatens, slanders and insults of a group of people identified with Islam based on their religion.


Along with the Facebook postings Tynkkynen calls for the eradication of Islam from Finland, as well as the removal of Islamic people from the country based on their religion. Removing Islamic people from the country would be done according to Tynkkynen’s Facebook posting with a “massive transport”.


According to the indictment the views expressed by Tynkkynen in the writings of the Muslim group of people are of deliberate nature, racist and xenophobic abusive and slanderous hate speech, which is generally directed to all Muslims. This kind of hate speech is likely to arouse contempt and intolerance towards Muslims based on religion.


Tynkkynen admitted in the pre-trial investigation that he uploadd the messages in question by himself free for all to read on his Facebook page. He has, however, denied having committed a crime. He said that these were his political opinions. According to him, the purpose was not to incite against any Muslim people, but to criticize Islam and its values.



NOTE: This is a picture I took of Sebastian Tynkkynen at (ironically) Finnish state TV broadcaster YLE’s Free Speech event two years ago.


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  1. Another outrageous attack on free speech.nothing should be above criticism especially a totalitarian ideology.it begs the question,why are our politicians defending islam so vociferously.?

    1. I agree….the Finns are a strange mix of ferociously independent, but then fully dependant on international consensus.

  2. The threat to gay people is very real.

    The single largest mass execution of gays in recorded history, was in Obama’s America — the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando (while “only” 49 died, the devout Muslim attacker had shot over 100 people). Mateen’s attack was not the first – a year earlier a Muslim in Seattle pleaded guilty to trying to burn down a gay club packed with 750 people on New Years Eve (he got off with a light sentence). Even in Germany in the 1930s, the Nazis didn’t attempt to burn down or gun down hundreds of gay people.

    Surveys in the UK show that Muslims admit to having zero tolerance for gays; other surveys in the UK show that only a small percentage (around 20%) of Muslims are even prepared for homosexuality not to be a crime in the UK. There will be talk of across Europe of homosexuality being outlawed by the middle of the 21st century.

    It is disgraceful how, across the democratic West, the self-styled “progressives” have worked hand-in-hand with Muslims to implement almost identical laws to protect Islam from criticism. Gays will be sacrificed by the Left, just have Jews have been, just as schoolgirls in Britain were sacrificed.

  3. Islam is a death cult and will kill anyone who does not submit. Death and destruction have followed them since the inception by the pedophile muhammed.

  4. still don’t think you have a totalitarian leftist government finland?

  5. This is just the left showing their true colours. Free speech and democracy are good only when they fit your needs. And never mind protecting your own people, illegals posing as fake victims come first.

  6. Poor Europe is in trouble. The rights of the native Europeans are squashed while allowing muzzies freedome to rape, murder and subdue the native Europeaans. Its a horrible miscarriage of Justice!

  7. It is NOT a religion according to Western Values but a murderous CULT! STOP calling it a religion!

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