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Turkish FM says: “Brussels is incomplete without Turkey” in connection with stalled membership talks…….


More accurately: The EU is not completely along the road to eventual Islamization without Turkey as a member nation…..

To hell with Turkey and it’s leaders. If you want to see the Islamization of Europe supercharged, then Turkish membership is your gig. All said, the situation is a moot one, the fractured union is collapsing as I write this, and with some good luck, it will implode very soon.

Brussels is ‘INCOMPLETE’ without Turkey claims minister amid prolonged accession talks

TURKISH Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has called on Brussels to lift “artificial obstacles” blocking Turkey’s EU membership.


Mr Çavuşoğlu claimed Turkey will continue to play “an important role” in Europe as he called the crumbling Brussels bloc “incomplete” without his country’s membership.

Turkey has been a candidate for EU membership for two decades but talks stalled last year following president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strong crackdown to a failed coup by a rogue Turkish military faction in July 2016.

Erdogan ordered the arrests of a number of high-ranking military officials, as well as journalists, activists and academics in the wake of the failed attempt to usurp the president.

Relations between the EU and Turkey looked to be improving after the two powers struck a deal in March last year to provide visa-free travel for Turkish citizens in return for the country’s help in reducing the number of migrants trying to enter Europe.

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