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Germany: Police under fire for freeing Muslim settler pervert who flashed a kid…….


They should be blasted…..

German police blasted for freeing a migrant pervert who exposed himself to a child

POLICE in the German city of Duesseldorf have come under fire for letting free a refugee who exposed himself to a child.


The incident occurred on Saturday at the Düs sel strand baths when a 13-year-old was approached by the 27-year-old migrant in the water.

Police say he pulled down his bathing trunks and said: “Do you want to see more?”

The girl ran to her father and police were called.

The Afghani suspect, 27, admitted he had masturbated earlier in the water, according to police.

The man’s details were taken and he was allowed to go free, triggering criticism from anti-immigrant politicians and locals.

Defending their decision, the police said: “He has a permanent address in the city and there is no risk of flight. Had he not had an address he would probably have been taken into custody and then before a judge.”

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