Israeli history Paleostinians

The Arabs are the invaders, the Jews are indigenous to the land now called Israel…….

Arabs from Arabia, Jews from Judea/Samaria (Now Israel)…..

It’s amazingly simple to understand once you remove all the “complicated” bull crap used to muddy the waters.

Around 1,300 years ago, descendants and followers of the Prophet Mohammad from Arabia poured out of the Peninsular in an orgy of conquest, expansionism and colonization. They first annihilated ancient Jewish tribes in places like Yathrib (known today as Medina) and Khaybar before sweeping north, east and west, conquering what is today known as the Middle East, North Africa and even southern Europe.
Wherever Arab and Islamic rulers conquered, they imposed their culture, language and — most significantly — their religion.

Here’s how we’re getting it wrong on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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