France Islam in France NO GO ZONES

France: Three police officers lynched in heavily Muslim area after identity checks went sour…….


Yet another example of a Muslim No-Go zone that Islamo-apologists say don’t exist

Seine-Saint-Denis: 3 policemen lynched after an identity check

Three police officers were beaten after attempting to carry out identity checks in a building hall in Bobigny on Friday evening, where 10 young people were arrested, the sources said. France-Presse (AFP).

Around 8 pm, these police officers “controlled young people who seemed to consume narcotics in a building hall when they were beaten,” a source close to the investigation said.

A police officer seriously injured in the eye

A police officer was seriously injured in the eye. Ten days of total disability (ITT) were prescribed, pending further examinations. The other two officials, injured in the leg and face, had 15 and 10 days of ITT.


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  1. No – they were attacked. Your head-line is giving people to understand that three French police officers have been murdered by being dragged out and hanged.

  2. Marine Le Pen seems more and more favorable now i bet?
    Your liberal/progressive views have made you strangers inyour own nation. The idea that France would allow.even 1 no go zone seemed un thinkable. To bad the whole nation seems like that now. So sad

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