ISLAM IN THE USA Islamic terrorism

British 84 y/o grandmother one of the victims of jihad shooting in Ft. Lauderdale airport……..


And of course, she was one the five shot in the head by the POS islamo-nutjob….

British grandmother gunned down in Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Devout Catholic ‘life of the party’ was travelling to celebrate husband’s 90th birthday

A British great grandmother has been named as one of the five people shot dead in the Fort Lauderdale Airport attack (shown bottom inset). Olga Woltering, 84, was killed when a gunman opened fire on passengers as they collected their baggage inside an airport terminal in Florida.

Mrs Woltering (pictured left), originally from Ipswich, was making her way to a cruise as to celebrate the 90th birthday of her husband Ralph (pictured together, right) when she was killed.

Her church in Georgia, where she lived, posted a tribute to Olga, praising her ‘loving’ and ‘caring nature’. Posting to its website, the Transfiguration Catholic Church said: ‘Olga was so charming, calling everybody “Lovey” or “Love” in her unmistakable British accent.’

Esteban Santiago (top inset), a 26-year-old Iraq war veteran, was taken into custody shortly after the shootings and is being held on suspicion of murder.


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