Australian immigration architect slams EU border policies, “If you adopted ours as model you would lower risk of terror”…….

As they should…..

But the Eurocrats are of an utopian mindset, they believe in their ability to control things as they seek to further their re-engineering of society. The Marxist Socialist Russians and the National Socialist Germans tried their versions of the “New Man” and ended up murdering tens of millions in the process. This version of European socialism will end up doing the same .

‘What use is it!’ Australian immigration architect BLASTS Europe for border failings

THE man behind Australia’s asylum policy has slammed Europe for failing to control borders


Jim Molan says if Europe adopted the Australian model, the European Union would lower the risk of a terror attack on the continent.

He said he believes Europe should turn back boats full of migrants in the Mediterranean, process asylum requests outside of the EU and resettle migrants outside the continent.

Mr Molan, the co-author of Australia’s controversial asylum policy, accused Europe of “making up excuses” when it comes to the challenges of border control.

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  1. “Utopian” cum totalitarian. If it worked they’d take the credit; now it doesn’t, they glory in the destruction and deny responsibility. Win:win for the Nihilists.

    Would be fascinating to see a meeting between Merkel, Guy Verhofstadt, Schulz etc and Arab leaders.

    I really bet they stand there expecting to be congratulated: “We haf done all that you commanded, Master….”

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