Anti-Islamization Fighting Back Islam in Australia

Praise the power of Q: “Secret party” vowing to reduce Islam soars in popularity……

We need them to succeed in all of their endeavours…..

‘It’s is not merely a religion’ Secret party vowing to ‘reduce Islam’ soars in popularity

A SECRETIVE organisation has promised to “reduce Islam” and encourage a “more human rights version” of the religion in the wake of terror attacks.

The Q Society logo


The mysterious Q Society is now gaining ground and support for the “Islam-critical Movement” across Australia and has decided to embrace the limelight.

It is a far cry from the days the group insisted members sign a nondisclosure agreement if they want to attend one of its meetings.

But now the anti-Islam party is publicly promoting a $150-a-head (£89) fundraising dinner in Sydney and Melbourne, which will feature speeches from well-known local councillors.

Leaders say the secretive group is gathering momentum across the pond in the wake of multiple Islamist terror attacks.

Deputy president Ralf Schumann said now is the big moment to “reduce Islam” and encourage a “more human rights friendly” version of the religion.

He said: “More people are aware, they see the problems in their backyard, their community. The public has picked up on it more with every bombing, stabbing, forced marriage and child bride.

“If you look back 10 years, you won’t read about these issues. Everything was fantastic, everyone wanted a falafel or kebab.

“With Islam, the problem grows exponentially. We’re probably 10 years behind Britain and Europe but we’re catching up fast.

“The main thing is to reduce the numbers, not let it grow any further and take the status out of it in our so-called multicultural society.”


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