Islamic (nazi) State: Sharia judge gave fake death sentence to steal “Swede’s” wife…….

According to Hallabia, the wife was then told that her husband had been sentenced to death for spying.
It was only later that she discovered that she had been lied to, and that her husband had instead been jailed for eight months, but by this time the judge was already married to his wife. As soon as he was released, he was sent to the front where he was killed in battle

IS judge ‘gave Swede fake death sentence to steal wife’

An Islamic State judge gave an ethnic Swedish jihadi a fake death sentence simply because he wanted to steal his wife, a former IS lawyer has claimed.
Mohammad Hallabia, a former sharia lawyer who worked for the terror group before being captured by the Free Syrian Army territory, said that the man’s wife had been told her husband was dead.
“When she asked about her husband she received the information that he had been executed,” Hallabia told Akhbar al-An, a TV channel linked to the Free Syrian Army, according to Expressen.  “The judge who have the sentence against her man then took her as a wife.”
Hallabia said that the couple had been separated as soon as they  arrived in IS territory.

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