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Terrible idea dressed up as a good one: US army alters uniform code to accommodate Muslim and Sikh soldiers…….

There’s a reason why there’s a uniform dress code to begin with…..uniformity

You leave your civilian garb at the gate when entering service. The Left’s use of the military as a social experiment playground has to be reversed and ended. Underneath the head wrap is a ton of hair, something all other soldiers are forbidden to have, let alone their beards.

US Army alters uniform code to accommodate Muslim and Sikh soldiers with beards and turban

MUSLIMS and other religious minorities may be persuaded to join the US Army after a senior official altered its uniform policy with rules that fall in line with their faith.


Eric Fanning, a US Army Secretary revised the uniform policy which now sets a guideline for army officers of minority faiths including Islam and Sikhism to wear particular turbans, head scarfs and beard styles.

Welcoming the new policy, Harsimran Kaur, Legal Director for the Sikh Coalition said: “We are pleased with the progress that this new policy represents for religious tolerance and diversity.”


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  1. Can’t call them uniforms any more. Costumes, yes. Can’t wait to see the line of transsexual Prada combat high heels, Dolce and Gabano backpacks, and Revlon’s color line for cammo. I’d say we have the camel’s ass as well as his nose in the tent now. So much for America’s melting pot tradition eh? Welcome to disharmony, confusion, and chaos. Another of obama’s slash and burn achievements.

    1. That will be the end result, pretty much of it if let to proceed in that trajectory.

  2. I’m not liberal, but I don’t mind this one bit. I’m actually glad they are allowing this. Why? Because patriotism is dying. I love the idea of people of different cultures/backgrounds being patriotic and loving this country. If we on the right continue to exclude people then they will go to the left and learn to hate this country. Sikhism is actually a pretty cool religion too. They are humble, nice, and they strongly believe in the importance of self defense. Once baptized they are expected to carry knives.

    1. There’s a reason why the military’s outfit is called … a uniform.

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