Islamic (Nazi) State runs out of funds to pay for jihadis in Mosul…….

Here’s to hoping the same happens to the Islamonazi leadership of the paleostinians…..

ISIS ON THE BRINK: Terror group COMPLETELY runs out of cash to pay jihadis defending Mosul

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is running so short of money that it has stopped paying the salaries of its fighters in besieged Mosul, locals still living in the city claimed today.

Residents said that the jihadis’ high command no longer has enough cash to bankroll the few thousand of militants left stranded in the city, who are facing obliteration as Iraqi troops and Kurdish freedom fighters close in their net.

Desperate ISIS fighters have even apparently resorted to smuggling civilian families out of the city in return for bribes, even though their orders are to use locals as human shields.

Jihadi militants usually receive a standard wage of around £280 a month but the money has now reportedly completely dried up following reports the terror group is facing a funding crisis.

ISIS had relied heavily on sales from captured oil fields for its income, but the combination of airstrikes by the West and Russia and advances by Iraqi and Kurdish forces on the ground have left them staring down the barrel.


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