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Hövelhof Germany: Five residents at refugee center arrested for arson, 57 injured……

Firefighters put out the fire of the refugee center in Hövelhof

57 injured in fire at refugee camp

Hövelhof – A fire in a refugee camp in eastern Westphalia Hövelhof-Staumühle 57 residents were injured, one of them seriously.

► Five residents have been arrested on suspicion of arson. As a spokesman for the police in Bielefeld said on Friday morning, the arrest took place on Thursday evening, because the five suspects “torched their mattresses”.

Rescue workers brought the people on Thursday with suspicion of flue gas poisoning in hospitals, as a spokeswoman for the district Paderborn said.

Another 24 people were treated on site, including two firefighters. They suffered slight cuts and back injuries. The police spoke of 27 people who had to be looked after on the ground. The fire brigade extinguished the flames in the evening.  H/T:  via 

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