Shooting US

Ft.Lauderdale airport shooting, five dead 9 wounded…….

No talk as of yet as to whether he has a Muslim name alias….

Possible perp terrorist; this one was found to be posting jihadi crap online, stay tuned.

Update: It’s him


Very possibly he was not on that flight, Air Canada is denying any record of him:

We confirm that we have no record of such a passenger by that name, or checked guns, on any of our flights to Fort Lauderdale.


At least 5 dead, 8 hospitalized after shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport

2 Responses

  1. The Air Canada statement raised big questions, but the FBI stated this evening in a press conference that the shooter flew on Delta.

  2. No mention on LSM about the jihadi connections – this is merely a common incident relating to “mental illness” – it could happen to anyone.

    Nothing to see here, move along folks….

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