UK: Syrian Muslim settler caught travelling with bogus passport by airport security still allowed to enter……


Open borders mentality and policies of the Left, they’ve become so mainstream that egregious violations and security issues are just common place news. 

The jackasses at the airport need to be fired, as well as those bureaucrats who are giving them marching orders.

Security scandal as refugee from Syria reveals he ‘was waved in’ at a UK airport with a bogus passport – leaving ‘the door open to ISIS terrorists’

Hundreds of illegals are feared to have flooded in last year using the same trick as The Sun investigates security shambles

A REFUGEE from Syria was caught with a bogus passport at a UK airport but still waved in.

The security shambles shows Britain is wide open to ISIS terrorists.

Over here . . . refugee Aabouss reveals he made it to UK with a bogus passport

Over here . . . refugee Aabouss reveals he made it to UK with a bogus passport

Mohammad Aabouss paid £300 for the document and flew in to Stansted from Germany.

He said: “I was amazed it was so easy. I could have been a terrorist.”

The passport, registered in the name of a man with similar looks, triggered alarms on facial recognition scanners.

But a border officer asked only where he had flown from.

English-speaker Aabouss replied: “Dortmund.”

The officer thanked him and let him through.

Aabouss then burned the passport and headed for the Lunar House screening centre in Croydon, South London, where he claimed asylum.


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