Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS

The Rebel: 1000 strong mob set germany’s oldest church on fire on NYE in Dortmund…….

This story was quashed by the Merkel government, removing video footage from CCTV cams as The Rebel reports.

1000 strong mob set Germany’s OLDEST CHURCH ON FIRE on New Year’s Eve


A mob of a thousand people yelling “Allah hu Akbar” set Germany’s oldest church on fire on New Years Eve.

As usual, it takes a few days until we really get a clear picture of what went on in Europe on New Year’s Eve.

Last year it was days before we knew about the mass rapes, groping attacks, and general violence perpetrated by Muslim migrants to Europe across many European cities.

Polish TV reported that the Merkel government had ordered all CCTV footage of the attacks erased and the event covered up.

It only became known because of YouTube footage leaked by people who were there.

This year we know that hundreds of North Africans, referred to by German police as “nafris” had been turned away when they were discovered to be on their way to the same train station in Cologne where the attacks, primarily against women, took place last year.


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