Islam in Hungary MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Hungary: Syrian on NYE passes himself off as Greek, then rapes his date……

Western women should shun any physical contact or dating relationship with Muslim males, to be fair, this woman thought he was Greek.

Before anyone jumps to shout “waycism”, this is not about race, but about mindset, as well as about reciprocating Muslims with a taste of their own medicine, Western males (non-Muslims) cannot even approach a Muslim female, there can be no dating or physical interaction with them without having the entire Muslim street banging down your doors.

New Year’s Eve horror: Syrian man pretending to be Greek rapes Hungarian woman

A SYRIAN man who pretended to be Greek raped a Hungarian woman who he met at a bar in Budapest on New Year’s Eve.


The sex attacker became extremely aggressive after he began kissing the woman who then tried to escape.

She met her 39-year-old assailant at a bar in Budapest, and they left the place together in the morning.

At first the woman agreed to have sex but the man became violent, and ignored her objections and her cry for help.

The thug eventually raped the woman and the police arrested him soon after the attack.

In the aftermath officers discovered the sexual predator was not Greek but actually a Syrian.

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