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Burma: Islamic State Islamonazis becoming a growing danger……


The jihad is every-freaking-where…..

Burma faces danger from Islamic State militants: Malaysian police

Burma faces a growing danger of attacks by foreign supporters of the Islamic State (IS) recruited from Southeast Asian networks in support of persecuted Rohingya Muslims, Malaysia’s top counter-terrorism official has said.

Malaysian authorities have detained a suspected IS follower planning to head to Burma to carry out attacks, the head of the Malaysian police counter-terrorism division, Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, said in an interview.

The suspect, an Indonesian whom he did not identify, was detained in Malaysia last month. The suspect was scheduled to be charged on Wednesday for possession of materials linked to terrorist groups, which carries a seven-year jail term or fine, Ayob Khan said.

More militants are likely to try to follow his lead in support of the Rohingya cause, Ayob Khan said.

“He was planning to perform jihad in Myanmar, fighting against the Myanmar government for this Rohingya group in Rakhine [Arakan] State,” Ayob Khan said.


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