EU Statism

Slovakian (liberty crushing) PM advises leaders of member states to keep handing over rule without citizens’ consent…….

Statist totalitarian…….

All the more reason for pressing your politicians to hold a referendum on the EU.

NO MORE REFERENDUMS! EU leader begs nations to STOP votes fearing union will COLLAPSE

A EUROPEAN Union leader has begged countries to stop holding referendums for fear of tearing the bloc apart.


 EU referendum collapse BrexitGETTY

Robert Fico has pleaded with the remaining 27 nations to stop holding referendums

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has pleaded with the remaining 27 nations to cease giving citizens the power to decide their own future.

Mr Fico pointed to the recent examples in the UK and Italy, which saw the countries turn away from the EU.

Britain voted to leave the superstate – Brexit – while the Mediterranean nation’s future is uncertain after the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned following Italians overwhelmingly rejecting his package of reforms.

The constitutional reforms Italians shunned has led the populist 5Star movement to call for a referendum on the country’s continued membership in the eurozone.


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