Anti-Israel bigotry and bias New Zealand Pro-Israel

New Zealand: Hundreds of pro-Israel supporters demonstrate against government’s anti-Israel vote in UNSC……

The New Zealanders are securely in the Muslims’ pockets, the biggest halal exporter of mutton has taken its side.

Hundreds of Kiwis protest NZ’s anti-Israel UNSC vote outside Parliament

Pastor Woodley has organised previous rallies in support of Israel’s right to exist, and has been outspoken about the UN bias against Israel. In December 2015, two days after submitting a 11,865 signature strong petition to government on Israel, Woodley was struck on the head by a man uttering “utu” (revenge).

On Friday, Woodley stood under the Richard Seddon statue to speak to those gathered, flanked by two signs, one saying “Israel please forgive us” and the other saying “UN Resolution 2334 condemned”.

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