German police arrest syrian man who begged funding from Islamic (Nazi) State to buy cars and bombs……

This is why I have repeatedly condemned the importation of refugees into the West, none of them cam be properly vetted, especially the ones who are said to be in the worst situation, the Syrians. There is NO WAY to vet them, there is no data base to access, a myriad of aliases and similar sounding/spelt names, and the repeated claims by Islamic State that they will/already have infiltrated the masses of people flooding our borders.

Asylum-seeker arrested for ‘BEGGING ISIS for more than £150,000 to help kill non-Muslims’

AN ASYLUM-seeking jihadi-hopeful has been arrested on suspicion of begging Islamic State to give him hundreds of thousands of Euros so he could buy cars and bombs which he planned use to kill Europeans, according to German officials.

German special forces police arrested the 38-year-old man from Syria in his Saarland flat on New Year’s Eve after details emerged of his plans to bomb “non-Muslim” people in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

According to the German prosecutor’s office, the refugee asked ISIS militants for more than £150,000 (€180,000) so he could buy eight cars – which cost almost £20,000 (€22,500) each – fill each of vehicle with at least 450kg of explosives, and then drive them into crowds like Tunisian-born Anis Amri did in Berlin who killed 12 Christmas shoppers.

Although the prosecuting office said they have not found evidence that he had finished preparing his attacks, the office confirmed that he was “in a position to obtain ISIS money for terror financing”.

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