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Poland: More on citizens of Elk fighting back against Islamic (murderous) thuggery in their community…….

Vlad has and excellent take on what happened:

In Poland, lack of diversity is clearly their strength: Muslims kill Pole, Poles push back

Vlad reader, Kathy, sent in this summary, with some additions taken from a major Polish news source, and translated by Ava Lon.

[In the town of Elk in Poland, a 21 year-old polish man threw a firecracker in the direction of a Kebab restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

Four  kebab workers, from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia did not like it and they killed the Pole with knives. Police already have the killers in custody.  However people in Elk did not like it and today they got together and they protested against the migrants.

Also they showed what happens to the restaurants whose workers kill Poles in Poland. None of the men arrested where drunk. 

The firecracker was thrown not against the kebab shop, but just in that direction.]

In societies where there is no tie that binds, there would be no unified response. And the most violent group with the strongest community bonds will take over that society, and those will be muslims in all cases where the host culture has lost its compass.

Poland shows that it has a collective self worth. It will not accept the bleating of the leftist press, who, we are told, left the reason for these protests and this minor destruction at the Kebab shop out of the news story but made it look like racist Poles broke some windows.


More here at Vlad’s.

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