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The Rage Less Traveled

NOVEMBER 24, 2015, 2:41 AM 36

Repression of rage in the name of culture, and sanitizing language in response to savagery, is an inverted, delusional, trivial, misplaced and dangerous morality — as if clean speech is the dominating virtue.

While the blood of innocents was being mopped up off a theater floor in France, a video titled, “A father and son have the most precious conversation,” goes viral. In the clip the boy tells his father, “We should leave Paris because Les Mechants (the villains) have guns and they will come to shoot us.” The father reassures his son that although the villains have guns, they (the French) have flowers and candles. “Do the flowers and candles protect us?” asks the son. When the father answers in the affirmative, the boy protests, “but flowers don’t do anything!” He is given a reassuring hug by his father and the clip is concluded by the interviewer asking the child if he “feels better,” to which the boy nods and breaks into a smile.

This video was “shared” and “liked” millions of times. Indeed, who can fail to be moved by Western virtues of life over death, culture over barbarity and goodness over evil? In an act of defiance, civilized people who refuse to hate, expel the stench of murder and savagery with fragrant flowers and scented candles, because civilized people believe that hate “will give the terrorists what they want.”

No it won’t.

A psychopath has no capacity to feel, so he is unable to care whether you hate him or not.

When a psychopath Islamist butchered me with his machete, he did it with such force that his blows snapped my ribs and shattered more than thirty bones. His only emotion was exasperation: he was “peeved” that a serrated blade was not the ideal tool, because it kept wedging itself into bone, making it “tricky” to tug it out without my blood spurting out over his clothes. They hacked without fury. Murder was a nonchalant, everyday affair, as mundane as the cigarette they smoked after wiping our blood from their knives.

These cold-blooded Palestinian psychopaths who held a machete in one hand and a Marlboro in the other, are exactly the same sort of Islamist maniacs who murdered the innocents in Paris. They are sons of Evil, dead in their souls and unreceptive and impervious to the noble morals of Westerners who refuse to hate.

Following the Paris attack, live on British television, someone “photobombed” the shoot and cursed ISIS. Immediately the broadcast returned to the anchor who shuffled in her seat while apologizing profusely for the “unexpected bad language.” Given the backdrop of slaughtered corpses piled up on the floor, I would be surprised if anyone with any decency, would actually be offended by hearing someone rage at ISIS by telling them to “fuck off.”

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