And of course they won’t be stopping there….the Iranian juggernaut will continue until they are put in their place, along with the Russians and the Chi-coms.

The US has to bring out a robust foreign policy with an immense buildup of its military to show these bastards, all of them, that the US intends to defend liberty from these totalitarians. Period.

Iran threatens Bahrain, Yemen with ‘Islamic conquest’ like Aleppo

Deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Hossein Salami [alquds]

Deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Hossein Salami [alquds]

A senior Iranian military commander has threatened further wars of conquest after describing the recent collapse of the Syrian opposition in Aleppo as an “Islamic conquest”, as footage has appeared showing Syrian refugees attempting to evacuate the ravaged city being shot at by Iran-backed Shia jihadists.

In comments to local Iranian media, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) General Hossein Salami said: “It is now time for the Islamic conquests. After the liberation of Aleppo, Bahrain’s hopes will be realised and Yemen will be happy with the defeat of the enemies of Islam.”

The IRGC commander also said that “the people of Mosul will taste the taste of victory,” in reference to the ongoing Mosul operations.

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